About Mark's Mix


"Let food be thy medicine"

       (Hippocrates, 350 BC)


For millennia, spices have been used to promote health, treat aches, and injuries and cure diseases.

Peer-reviewed research is only now confirming the value of much of this ancient wisdom. In fact, some plant-based compounds are now recognized as more potent - and safer - than many pharmaceuticals. Some appear effective against serious modern maladies and conditions.

Mark’s Mix was created to enhance and maintain optimal health through the natural healing properties of several select botanical ingredients. And taste good too...food as medicine.




These properties include:


reduce inflammation

improve digestion

lower cancer risks

diminish Alzheimer's risk

decrease arthritis symptoms


Although this sounds to good to be true and you should be sceptical, it is based on peer reviewed science, links for which you'll find on under Why Mark's Mix.  Satisfy your curiosity and know the science.



Mark's mix is gluten free and GMO free.

Sourced from quality producers worldwide, it is blended & packaged in Canada.