Why Mark's Mix?

Mark’s Mix was carefully formulated and refined over several years to provide maximal health benefits that combat a number of the most prevalent human diseases, while offering a balanced, stimulating flavour.

The ingredients in Mark's Mix inhibit:

  • inflammation
  • cardiovascular disease
  • neurological decline
  • several forms of cancer and more
    (see benefits & resource links below)

While this may sound too good to be true, the evidence is compelling (click the benefits & resource links below).


The ingredients in Mark's Mix have been selected because each one offers a range of health benefits. Solid evidence indicates that, in addition to working alone, a number of the ingredients  act synergistically to promote optimum health (for example cayenne combined with ginger has been show to reduce cancer more effectively than sum-of-the-parts).


                                   "Let food be thy medicine"


Cocoa Powder

Benefits of cocoa powder:

  • the most concentrated source of polyphenols yet discovered. Polyphenols are linked to a range of powerful health benefits including improved cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, increased blood vessel function and lower cholesterol
  • may counter specific mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease
  • helps fight heart disease, cancer and aging through its antioxidant properties
  • offers approximately twice the antioxidant power of (much promoted) red wine and three times that of green tea
  • contains resveratrol, a particularly potent polyphenol that appears to combat neurodegenerative diseases
  • increases the integrity of the blood-brain barrier
  • is thought to improve athletic performance (possibly through raising levels of healthful nitric oxide)
  • known to increase beneficial gut bacteria and reduce harmful species
  • contains resveratrol, which is being investigated for life extension potential
  • relatively high in fibre and magnesium
  • Mark’s Mix uses high quality non-Dutch processed cocoa, which has significantly higher polyphenol levels than standard processed cocoa


Resource links & evidence of cocoa's benefits (click for detailed info):

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Turmeric (curcumin)


Benefits of turmeric (curcumin) 

  • a powerhouse of beneficial compounds, it has been used in Asian cuisine and healing for thousands of years
  • a potent, well-documented and safe anti-inflammatory
  • active ingredient curcumin neutralizes free radicals
  • appears to provide relief from rheumatoid arthritis
  • effective in treating osteoarthritis symptoms
  • shows promise in slowing biological aging
  • potential cancer preventive agent
  • shown to reduce the incidence of colon cancer
  • stops the spread of, and destroys, brain tumor cells
  • consumption has also been linked to lower rates of breast, lung and prostate cancer
  • inhibits breast cancer cell proliferation
  • promotes ovarian and gastric cancer cell death
  • reduces severity of inflammatory bowel disease
  • improves liver function and detoxification of dietary carcinogens
  • appears to lower cholesterol
  • shown to lower markers of depression
  • suppresses neuroinflammation
  • may help prevent or delay Alzheimer’s disease
  • reverses the damage of chronic stress
  • demonstrates cognitive enhancement in animal models
  • Mark’s Mix sources high quality turmeric and blends in appropriate proportions


Resource links & evidence of turmeric's benefits (click for details):

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Benefits of ginger

  • a tropical root with a range of healthy properties
  • most commonly known for gastrointestinal relief and reducing nausea
  • also contains a range of effective health-promoting anti-inflammatory compounds (gingerols)
  • a powerful antioxidant delivering free radical protection
  • shown to provide pain relief for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis sufferers
  • demonstrated to stimulate cancer cell death (colorectal and ovarian cancer)
  • boosts the immune system
  • shown to reduce cholesterol and lower blood sugar (and hence diabetes risk)
  • may improve brain function and reduce dementia risk


Resource links & evidence of ginger's benefits (click for details):

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Benefits of cinnamon

  • sourced from the inner bark of a tropical tree, it has been prized for thousands of years for its flavour and health properties
  • rich in antioxidants 
  • high in anti-inflammatory compounds
  • may reduce heart disease risk
  • appears to improve  Improve blood sugar/insulin resistance (anti-diabetic effect)
  • may have beneficial effects on neurodegenerative disease
  • Mark’s Mix sources rare and safe Ceylon cinnamon (versus standard Cassia cinnamon which incurs risk of liver damage at moderate-high consumption)


Resource links & evidence of cinnamon's benefits (click for details):

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Benefits of cayenne

  • active ingredients (capsaicinoids) are anti-inflammatory
  • rich in antioxidants
  • cardioprotective
  • may promote fat burning and speed metabolism via its thermogenic effect
  • believed to improve circulation
  • evidence of anti-cancer properties


Resource links & evidence of cayenne's benefits (click for details):

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Black Pepper

Benefits of black pepper

  • aids digestion
  • appears to destroy melanoma (skin cancer) cells
  • suppresses breast tumour growth
  • reduces inflammatory and arthritis effects
  • included In Mark’s Mix to enhance the bioavailability of turmeric/curumin (above)
  • Improves the bioavailability of resveratrol (present in cocoa powder)


Resource links & evidence of black pepper's benefits (click for details):


Some of these benefits will be experienced immediately, but most are the result of sustained use. Like exercise, good habits require repetition to deliver the greatest benefit.